My Services:


Although I reside in Johnson County, Iowa, I also spend significant time in Camden County, Missouri.  If you just need a simple record look-up in either Johnson County or Camden County, please contact me for a flat fee.  I also travel right through Jefferson City, Missouri when going between locations.  If you need something at the Missouri State Archives, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


Otherwise, if you need more extensive research done, I charge an hourly rate.  Travel within Johnson County or Camden County is included.  If I need to travel outside those counties to perform research, I need to charge for my time and the going IRS mileage charge.


I do require a contract for research to protect both of us.  This will stipulate what the research objective is.  For example, if you want to know who your great-grandparents were on your maternal side, you don’t want me to research your grandparents on your paternal side and then charge you for that information.  The contract also specifies how many hours of research are approved by you and puts a cap on any other expenses such as the cost of travel, photocopies, obtaining vital records, etc. 


After researching for the agreed number of hours, I will provide you with a detailed account of what was researched, the results of that research, my conclusions, and suggestions for further research if appropriate.  All the sources I used will be fully cited.   I pride myself on producing a professional product. You can then decide whether to continue with the research.


If you have done your own research but have now hit a brick wall, that usually indicates some extensive research may need to be done to break through it.  For that reason, I prefer to make 10 hours of research a minimum to start.  However, this may be negotiable depending on the circumstances.  Of course, if I solve your research problem before all the approved research hours are used, I will refund you any difference. 


My usual fee is $35 per hour.  However, depending on the extent of research and other circumstances, this may be negotiable.  Please contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you.  I look forward to working with you!